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  Basic Tennis & Socializing Skills Workshop

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1. Forehand Skills.
2. Backhand Skillsbackhand 3. Serving Skillsserve skills
social skills
4. Socializing Skills in Tennis for Success!
We strongly believe that playing Tennis is a lifestyle & a strategy for socializing & building meaningful relationships & confidence. It is more than a simple sport with health benefits - tennis can contribute to overall body & mind wellness - have fun while achieving that!
Additional Fun Package:
Tennis Classes

1. Why play tennis?

2. How to choose a good racket, that suit you.
(80% -90%of the begginers used the wrong racket. )

3. Practicing with the Tennis Ball machine.

4. Ball Sense -What is Short, Normal & High Tennis Ball?

5. How to see the True Personal Characteristic in Tennis.
6. Playing Tennis the Fun Way, Never tire on your 100times.
7. Beauty, Fitness & Health In Tennis!
8. Understanding the 5 elements of life - Good Health, Wealth!

Certified Coach

Victor Sporteq
Certified by Professional Tennis Registry, Coach Louie Cap
Sportsteq Managing Director Victor Wong

PTR Logo
PTR is the largest global organization with more than 14,000 tennis teachers / coaches around the world trained and/or certified in a standardized, fundamentally sound teaching method. Internationally recognized tennis teaching certification
  •  Approximately 14,000 Members in 110 countries   
  • 12 International Master Professionals  
  • 27 Master Professionals    
  • More than 190 National and International Testers    
  • Annual International Tennis Symposium, Championships and Trade Show  
  • Hosts annual PTR $15,000 Wheelchair Championships   
  • Publisher of TennisPro, PTR's award winning magazine
Savitar Coach & Mentor Sharin (Swissotel The Stamford)
Gary PTR
Gary Tan Asia PTR Director
Certified Tennis Coach in Singapore (Tennis Lessons)

Learn how you can become a professional tennis player/coach within 10 months of playing tennis. Shorten the time of learning and enjoying the real game of tennis & start
socializing and networking to success!
YOG tennis Champion
Feature @ the Website of International Tennis Federation (ITF) the world governing body of tennis.
Researched and produced by the coach himself, Triple 3-Dimension Skills of Tennis.
A Certified Tennis coach within 10 months of playing Tennis.
Play & Trained students in more than 100 Tennis Clubs, Condos facilities , Hotels, Sport hubs & Schools.
Conducted more than 1000 classes of Tennis.
Play more than 10,000 balls.
Feed more than 100,000 balls during training.
Tennis ball machine training more than 1,000,000 balls.
A Certified NCSF Personal Fitness Instructor.
A Certified SSA Swimming Instructor.
A Certified Character Building Coach. (Character Institute)
Learn Tennis faster than you think you can!
Focusing on the 5 main principle of Tennis:
Tennis Lesson1
1) Playing in a Good Position,
tennis school
Learn from the Fastest Tennis Coach in Singapore!
Tennis Lesson2
2) Playing with Accuracy,
Tennis Lesson3
3) Playing in Consistency,
Tennis Lesson4
4) Playing to your Strengths,
Tennis Lesson5
5) Playing to your Opponent's Weaknesses.

Tennis Power

Join us for an hour of Professional Tennis preview.
Learn the Art of Tennis, like you have never before!
Cheapest / Fastest Tennis Training in Singapore!
Are you ready to see TENNIS in an entirely different light?
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The First & Only Spa on Earth to bring you out to Sport!
Spa Tennis

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